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Multiple MIDI channel tracks to same instrument?


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As explained here:

Try Ctrl-click (right-click) on the track header to open a menu and navigate in the Reassign Tracks item all the way to the desired software instrument, clicking on the latter would reassign that track (content) to be played by that selected software instrument.

You could reassign many tracks to all be played by the same software instrument, providing that the MIDI channels are set to coincide between the recorded data and the software instrument.

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Set up the instruments on different MIDI channels on your main instrument (Kontakt adds instruments with ascending MIDI channels automatically as you add them) and then choose Tracks>Other>New track with next MIDI Channel. Oh and make sure your first track is set to channel 1 (or the first channel you're using) in the inspector before creating new tracks.
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If you do that then all the sub tracks change midi channels together. I need to have multiple midi channels sent to one instantiation of an orchestral instrument.

If you leave the track channel parameter to All, then every recorded note's MIDI channel will be playing the instrument set to the same MIDI channel.


You will have then to resort to the orchestral plugin' each instruments distinct volume and pan to control same.


As mentioned by keithsmith, if you are using Kontakt, instantiating its multi-outputs version (instead of the stereo one), would make it possible to control the volume and pan (and add distinct fx, etc) directly in Logic's mixer, which would be more convenient, especially if your project encompass many other tracks/channelstrips.


Therefore, if you are using Kontakt as a multi-timbral plugin

In Kontakt plugin:

  • Instantiate the 16XStereo version
  • Load your various instruments from within Kontakt plugin, and ensure/make each has a distinct MIDI IN channel.
  • Enable the Kontakt's Outputs pane display.
  • Use the - (minus button, next to Outputs +) to remove the eventual channel there except the 1/2.
  • From the Outputs pane's Presets/Batch Configuration menu > under Batch functions, select Clear output section and create one individual channel for each loaded instrument.

In Logic:

  • In Logic's mixer, locate the corresponding channelstrip (it should be highlighted if the Kontakt track is selected in the main track area). You will notice below the fader and above the M (mute) button, a minus (-) and a plus (+) buttons.
  • Click on the + as many times as you have instruments loaded in Kontakt (of the track). Every + mouse click will add a new Aux channelstrip, each assigned to a distinct instrument. These Aux channelstrips will be named after their corresponding instrument's Kontakt's Output channel number (Kont3-4, Kont5-6, Kont7-8, etc...), except for the first one which will appear as Kontakt"X" ("X" being the Kontakt plugin version), and carrying the Kontakt Outputs channels 1&2.
  • Shift select all the Aux channelstrips, then right-click (Ctrl-click), and from the opening contextual menu, click on Create Track. That will create tracks for every instrument, onto which you can record distinct part (and automation).


To avoid the above procedure every time, do the following:

  • Save the preset in Kontakt plugin using Save Multi as ...
  • Save the preset in Logic's plugin window using Save As...
  • Select all the involved tracks, right-click and from the contextual menu, click on Create Track Stack... and opt for Summing Stack.
  • Rename the resulting master track to your liking.
  • Open the Library, (ifnot already opened) and use its Save... button (at the lower-right corner of the Library panel) to save a patch.


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Thanks guys,

I’m using East West Play and Superior Drummer 3 along with others.

I need to get the multi channel midi Setup down. Both have very comprehensive mixing capabilities within the plug-ins.

East West just added SSL EQ, compression and buss Compression with Ohmacide distortion and a guitar/bass amp model as well on every channel with convolution Reverb etc. Pretty crazy. Superior Drummer has Tape distortion, compression, vintage EQ, etc. etc. also pretty crazy.

I’ll give those methods a go.

Thanks again.

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