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Creating a Sustained Note


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Hey all,

I'm fairly new to logic pro, and I'm having trouble creating a long sustained note. I just want a single note to ring out through the entire song at the a constant velocity, similar to that done in "I Need A Forest Fire" by James Blake. I've tried lengthening the note and adding reverb, but it always naturally decays as the song goes. Is there any way to create a note of this length?


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How about..... Drawing one LAN ( Long...Note) or

This may be an advanced way to do this - but if you use a conditional splitter you can actually separate the note-on from the note-off and not execute the note off thus sustaining the note. You will likely need a conditional before this based on either the track, instrument or pitch you want to sustain so not every note played will sustain....

If it helps.....

(I did test and it does work)

excluding instruments that have a natural decay



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