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Undo not working in bizarre way


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Hi all, in Logic 10.4.1 the undo function has stopped working for me for some reason. It will work occasionally, but usually not on many functions, e.g. it will work to replace a region if I have cut it out, but it won't move a region back if I have moved it. This happens in any project.


And often if I try to undo things, I get the text 'undo undo undo' etc. in the edit menu as per the attached picture. Does anyone know how I fix this?


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Hi David. That would be difficult because of how much data and how many software settings for other programs are embedded in my existing user profile. Is that the only option left? If so I guess I’ll have to take it because working without an undo function is pretty nerve wracking!
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I'm going to give it a go setting up a new user. It's not going to be fun but I hear that it can help things run better generally as it wipes the slate clean library and permissions-wise, and I have to solve this undo issue as soon as possible.
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