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Audio dropping problem


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I hope this is the right place to post this.


The audio in Logic (10.4.1) keeps dropping out during playback and is replaced by occasional cracks and pops. If I relocate the play head the audio comes back for a short period before dropping out again. A few projects lose the audio completely and I have to reload to get it back. There are no error messages or any other visual indications to something happening. Track meters react as you would expect when tracks come in etc. When recording, the monitor audio eventually turns into distortion and fades out. If I stop and start again, it comes back.


I've tried unplugging my interface and using the built in I/O but the problem still occurs. I've tried a complete uninstall and reinstallation of Logic but the problem persists.


I don't get any problems with audio dropping outside of Logic. I can happily sit and play along with a song in iTunes, using Logic monitor audio as an amp and its fine.


I'm running a 13" MacBook Pro (Late 2012), OS High Sierra (10.13.4), Intel i7 @2.9GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD. I've never experienced any issues with this setup before. Watching Activity Monitor during playback, I can't see anything out of the ordinary. CPU average for Logic is around 35%. The tracks aren't particularly large, I'd say maybe 10 tracks for the largest project consisting of DI'd guitar, bass, vox.





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Could be the APFS file system on the SSD.

Do you have an external USB 3 drive to play the project from?


Not one handy at the moment but I can grab one tomorrow. If the problem persists is it likely a clean OS install would rectify the AFPS issue or am I looking at a new SSD?


Thanks for your assistance.

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I have experienced that kind of issue with some third parties plugins inserted in the stero buss sometimes. The only workaround for me was to remove the plugin after copy its settings and reinsert it. Hope that helps.


Thanks. I’ll try this too. I’m only using guitar rig 5, tc electronic polytune and linear phase EQ on the tracks so shouldn’t be too difficult to have a play with.

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