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Multitimbral vs Multi Output

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Here is my goal: load a Multi of Kontakt instruments inside Vienna Ensemble Pro and have control of each instrument via its own Midi channel and route independent audio back to Logic.


So far I have always used the 1 Logic Track / 1 Kontakt instance approach (even if the items inside have multiple Kontakt patches).


Exploring with VEP having a family of instruments eg Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass inside one VEP instance.


Now I know the convention is Multitimbral Track in Logic with a Multi Output plugin then create AUX tracks in the Logic Mixer.


What happens if you just use the Multi Output plugin then create AUX tracks in the Logic Mixer? I can see they still have separate Midi channels when you "Create Tracks From Auxes". Am I able to record and process Midi on each Aux Track?


The reason I ask is that when you use the conventional method you end up with two faders for each track one for the Multitimbral slot and one for the audio. Do I have to do it this way and what are the pros/cons?

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