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Piano issue


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I've done a search, but can't see an answered version of this so I'll ask again in the hope that someone has found a way around this.


I've noticed that, regardlless of which mainstage piano I pick, the sustain pedal seems to also dampen the samples a bit - the piano is always a brighter tone before the pedal goes down. I have two yamaha pianos with their own pedals and a korg stage piano as controllers and the indication is that its a mainstage problem as all three controllers have the same effect on the sound. I've spent a week trying to understand whats going on, mappings, velocity curves, everything, but to no avail....has anybody heard of a solution to this. I am considering buying a decent piano library but theres no point if i cant find a solution. i'll revert back to my stage piano for my main piano sound and just use mainstage fpr the pads and other effects.

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Hmm. I see that may be the case but I use the same stock Steinway in logic using the same sound card, same controller and pedal and I’ve never noticed it. Been using it for a few years without an issue so I’m assuming it’s something to do with mainstage and how it handles things differently from logic. The chance to use that Steinway piano live was a motivator to getting mainstage in the first place. It just isn’t the same or I’m doing something wrong. The velocity map is not the same and it reacts completely different. I have done a direct side my side comparison- I will post it somewhere if anyone is interested - using a sequence I played into logic and out put to the Steinway in a logic track and midi ed out to mainstage. It’s peobably down to my lack of knowledge in mainstage but I know that piano sounds beautiful in logic.
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