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File stuck open, cannot close or shut down...

Ken Nielsen

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Will wonders ever cease, I don't think so... I'm stuck, literally, as an open file in Logic Pro X is 'locked' it seems. I cannot close, the screen just does a flash like 'Macintosh does not like what you just tried' and the Quit for Logic Pro X is greyed out. Before I quit all apps and do a 'force quit' I thought I would pop in here and see if anyone has seen this behavior before, I certainly have not ever.


What do you recommend? Could it just be a system conflict and do a force quit?



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You likely have a Logic dialogue box open and it is hidden behind a window or on another screen. Hitting command tab and cycle through to logic should force all active windows to the front.

If you already did a force quit - when you reopen make sure you choose autosave to return you the point you are currently in your project.

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