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Keep MIDI track always live


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Hello, while I'm working I like to have a MIDI piano track loaded up to take input from my USB keyboard, just so I can instantly try ideas and hear what I'm playing. I would like to have this during playback and also when the play head is not moving. I can get what I want for a while by enabling record on the piano track but as soon as I select another track, it automatically disables the record on my piano and I can't hear it anymore. I checked my settings in Preferences/Audio/General and "Input monitoring only for focused track," is not checked.


Thanks for the help.

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I wonder if cabling your MIDI controller keyboard from its Environmant Physical Input prong directly (bypassing the Sequencer Input object) to a dedicated channelstrip object (instantiating the desired piano plugin) could do the trick. I would expect that you would have to mult/split the cabling if you have only one MIDI controller, so one of its cable would be connected to the Sequencer Input object... Also I would expect that to control the playback of the independant piano, you would have to resort to (also) use either the environment Channelstrip object or (perhaps) from within Logic's mixer window...
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