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Can 'Capture Last Take' be merged from Score Editor?

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When building up an instrument part I like to work from the Score Editor and usually play in fragments bit by bit from midi controller keyboard thus:


1 - Create a Master Region for that instrument - Press Space bar... Play head starts moving Moving


2 - Play a phrase on Midi Keyboard


3 - Capture last take


4 - The notes appear in the Score Part with a Treble Clef in front indicating that the Region just captured is super-imposed on the Master Region


5 - I then switch Screen Sets to the Arrange Window - highlight the Just Captured Take Region with the existing 'Master Region' and 'Join' Command


This is tedious because I have to change Screen sets from Score Editor to Arrange Window to select the Region


What I want to know is .. can I merge the new notes from the Score Editor ie without going to the Arrange Window and selecting the Regions?

If this was possible it would be a massive time saver...


I am aware that I could set the Midi Record preferences to Merge.. but I dont like doing this as I like - if necessary to 'clean up/quantise' the new notes before merging...

Also Merge by Default preference tends to a) mess up the existing correct notes and b) I lose track sometimes of which notes I just played in and which notes are already all good that i want to keep from existing part.


So can I Merge the new note from the Score Editor? or is this a Region based operation which cannot avoid Merging Regions?



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Yes, you can do it in the Score editor without going to the arrange window. If you are at the region level you will need to go up one to see both regions in the score (or make sure you filter is set to the instrument/track level - then make sure both staff systems are selected and press j ( just as you would in the arrange window).
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I tried this but it doesnt work - in the screen shot below you can see 7 Regions selected but my KC 'J' which usually Joins Regions in the Arrange does not join them in the Score Editor...



PS thanks Eric for the Event List suggestion - I dont use it much at all so will explore...

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Looks like you may have missed a region there at the end of 69.... :) The regions do need to be continuous. Atlas is right on point... you can either select them manually or you can select all regions and event then press J - caveat is you can't use command A as it is region based.. There is a score editor key command called " select all regions and events" - if you assign this key command, then you can use it and just press J.. done!. Below I show you both ways.....


I also move the region to the another track just to prove there are no regions hidden underneath....





Single key command then J



manually selecting each region in the score

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Joining using the Score editor only works if you have the Main area opened.

There are no menu items or key commands to join regions if you only have a dedicated Score window.


Here's an example using the Event list.

This works beautifully with overlapping regions too if you are punching in additional notes:



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