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Logic won’t see MIDI from a “learned” expression pedal

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Hi All,


I have an expression pedal plugged into my Komplete Kontrol 61. Under normal circumstances, Logic receives controller 11 (expression) perfectly, as confirmed by the transport window’s midi display.


I’m now trying to use the pedal to control the wah pedal in Logic’s Pedalboard for a Logic Clav instrument. I’ve mapped (learned) the pedal to the wah pedal position using the Controller Assignments page, and it controls the wah perfectly.


The problem is that when I record, the note information is recorded, but the pedal information isn’t. It seems that once I redirect the incoming midi expression to control the pedal position, Logic no longer sees midi from that pedal.


Does anyone know how I can have Logic see that midi again so I can record it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Logic 10.4.1

MacBook Pro 2.8 Ghz (mid-2015)

Sierra 10.12.6

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Yes. This is how it works in Logic Pro X.

Once a parameter is assigned you have to use automation to record the changes.

Try this:


  1. Record enable the track.
  2. Set its automation mood to Latch.
  3. Start recording at the same time as you move your pedal.
  4. Stop the recording when you are done and set automation mode back to Read.


Now you should have both your notes and the automated pedal intact.

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