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Extend all notes in Piano Roll until the next note of the same pitch?


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Hey all, newbie to the forum, jumping straight in with a question (hope that's okay – am happy to stick and around and answer what I can in return!)


I have this:




And I want this:




I want to, automatically, extend all the notes in my selection until they come up against another note of the same pitch. Basically an equivalent of "let ring", where notes don't stop until they're played again. My plug-in doesn't let me do this, so I need to edit the notes manually, but rather than doing it one-by-one I'd like to transform to get this, if possible.


Can it be done?

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I just did it. Before;



then I chose, individually F3 "Select equal objects" Hit "Force Legato" and then A3 and did the same.



Unless I'm misunderstanding the request... which is possible.


Your way works too.. and very nicely. But you will lose the original length of the last note, if that matters.

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The trick is: first select all notes of one single pitch (click on the key of the vertical left side keyboard in the piano roll), then do note force legato, then select the next pitch, then force legato, etc.

There is no way to do this in one or two keystrokes; you need twice as many keystrokes as you have different notes.

I have used the mouse here to show the legato command. I would advise to assign a key command to it and use that instead. I have assigned ctrl-L, and would normally use that.



Here is the same thing, done with keycommands. *Quicker.



This shows how much faster it can be to use keycommands.

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I've been trying to do this for a guitar arpeggio that I've created and then humanized…and what I've found is that there's actually a tiny gap between the end of one note and the beginning of the next.


The command infers that the length will be trimmed to the beginning of the next note. Why the gap? Is there a legato gap setting somewhere?

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