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Articulations entered with Midi In / Step Input mode default to the first one


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I'm trying out the new articulation system introduced in 10.4


I've created a map that suits my workflow, so that I have differente articulations in the same kontakt instance on different midi channels,

for example Ch1 - Legato

Ch2 - Staccato

Ch3 - Spiccato

Ch4 - Pizzicato

etc etc.


I'm used to switching them with an external controller where I assigned midi cc32 with values 0,1,2,3,4 etc etc to various buttons.


I created an Articulation set that responds to that and assigns to the different midi channels, and it works beautifully and flawlessly, as expected.


However I do sometimes enter notes one at a time selecting "Midi In" in the Score or Piano roll editor, instead of recording them live (for fast passages for example) and in this scenario everything gets written with "Articulation 1" (in this case "Legato") even if I selected a different articulation...and what's weird is I can hear the right articulation playing back as I enter notes, but what ends up in the editor is somehow always Articulation 1.


Here's what I mean



I recorded the first passages live, and as you can see the different colours indicate the four different articulations I've used...but the far right passage was inputted step by step using "Midi In" and it shows up as articulation 1 even though I was using Art 4 (and hearing it as "Pizzicato").



Is this a bug? It looks like it.


Thanks a lot for your help :-)


Best regards!


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