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Crossfade audio issues


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Here's the deal:


  • Comped a guitar track together from take folder
    Flattened it
    Made some further edits (copy pastes)
    Adjusted the region's bounds to be as near to zero as possible
    Attempt to apply crossfades
    Tear hair out


When I apply crossfades, I'm getting some strange behavior, and it's driving me nuts... during playback to check the fade, well after the playhead passes the fade's bounds, there's a sudden, subtle jump in volume in the track. If I remove the crossfade, this goes away.


Why would a very narrow crossfade placed between regions cause a volume change half a measure later, long after the crossfade should be part of the equation? What is this madness?


From what I can tell/recall, Logic applies fades automatically between regions in flattened take folders, but my head is so spun around now I can't remember if these fades behaved as expected, which fades I placed myself (I ended up removing them all), or if I'm dealing with my ass or my elbow. I need a cookie and a nap.


Still trying to learn Logic... in Pro Tools, crossfades – even batch fades across a session – were a breeze... never experienced anything like this. What on earth am I doing wrong?

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