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Nice sounding piano + reverb in LPX

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Hi All,


I am new to Logic and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding pianos mixed with reverb.

I am looking for this type of sound:



However, when I create a piano or use one of the presets, the reverb/piano doesnt exactly sound as full and warm as the example above. The keys sound a bit thin, so I added a bit of compression which seemed to help a bit. However, once I add Space Designer, it seems like the piano just sounds further away and muddy,,not really clear that there is just reverb on it...


Here's an example of a piano song idea I am working on but really am unhappy with the lack of body and warmth in the piano





Any body have any suggestions for a nice, warm and mellow sounding piano?

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The piano on your Youtube excerpt sounds quite similar to Keyscape C7 Cinematic patch.

To obtain a "warmer" piano sound, I think you should use some EQ to filter out the high frequencies, and/or boost the low end ones

To get more control on reverb, splitting the dry from the wet signal is a viable approach.

Different technics are possible to achieve same.

For instance, you could instantiate your piano patch on a channelstrip, create 2 (or more) Sends to Auxes. One onto which EQ is used for low pass filtering the dry sound, and the other(s) Auxes for the reverb(s). That way you could also adjust discretely the EQ for the (each) reverb(s) and place each part of the audio (reverb, dry piano) to occupy a different stereo image (width). Try pushing the reverb out to each side, in the sterao field and keep the dry piano more in the middle. Using different reverb settings at once is often seen. A good ambient, along with a larger space one, help building dimension and soundscape relief.

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Some thoughts after listening to your piece.

1) Check your piano sample and sampler (Kontakt or whatever) and turn off any reverb that may be running as default. Not to say this is bad reverb or anything, but just start completely dry going into your main reverb on an aux channel. Check velocities of notes in piano roll and see that those velocities are creating the kind of sounds you're after. If they're too hot( orange or red), everything will sound very bright. Too low (blue or deep blue) and things may sound too gentle and not bright enough. This depends a lot on the sample itself, but wrong velocity range can defeat all the rest. Also, remember that your piano channel meter should show peaks at really no more than -6dBFS. That should be your working volume limit. Some people use -12 or lower.

2) Set up channel EQ with a high pass EQ (the bent symbol farthest to the left) to kill below 100hz of the signal going into the aux channel with SoundDesigner on it. You don't need those low frequencies in your reverb since they typically muddy things up. Place this before SoundDesigner in the signal chain on the aux channel. SoundDesigner does have EQ in it, but I find it easier to do what I'm suggesting with separate EQ plugins.

3) In SoundDesigner, set Predelay to about 20ms and set Wet to 100%. Predelay will help hold back the start of the reverb and clear up the piano sound.

4) Place a linear phase EQ after SoundDesigner on that channel strip and leave everything set to the default which should be no change to any frequency ranges. We'll come back to this.

5) Play the track and adjust your reverb send for a little more reverb than you might actually want and have a listen. Make sure you aren't running too hot into the reverb and getting overs on the Aux channel.

6) Place a channel EQ on the piano channel and drag a medium sloping parametric EQ (any diamond symbol) across the frequencies until you hear a spot that helps. By this I mean, set it to about -3dB and a Q of 1.00. Literally drag it side to side over the EQ range. This will help you find frequencies that are bothering you. Once you find some, adjust the dB reduction and Q as necessary, trying to avoid unnecessarily steep dB reduction or overly wide cuts in the frequency range. You can do this with more parametric EQs to adjust other areas as necessary. Remember, cutting with EQ is usually more successful than booting.

7) If your piano still sounds too bright, try reducing some high end from maybe 5k or higher and up using a shelving EQ ( the open ended symbol). Natural reverbs generally fall off in a slope at higher frequencies. Adjust reduction and Q as helps.

8) Now back to the linear phase EQ sitting after SoundDesigner on the Aux channel. Adjust this to warm up your reverb itself by reducing high end with a shelving filter. You may find adding the low pass filter at 18K or so will kill irritating high end, but it can also take the life out of things since that's where the "air" is. You can use a channel reverb, but linear phase EQ will help keep any adjustments from getting out of phase with frequencies that haven't been cut and this can help a lot in reverb since since it's so dependent on milliseconds between reflections and so on. EQs and so on can cause phasing issues that muddy things.


Hopefully, you're honing in on the sound you want and can now set the reverb send level where you really want it. Make any additional adjustments that help. For really troublesome samples, you can also try a multiband compressor, using it to compress only the high end or other ranges that seem to be causing trouble. Gentle attack and release recommended. Compression Ratio maybe at 1.5:1 or 2:1. This would go on the piano channel before the channel EQ since you may need to adjust EQ to make up for any dulling effect caused by the particular multiband plugin you use. With rare exceptions, any compressor changes tone and you may find you want to adjust that with EQ.


Hope this helps.

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