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Input menu text broken for Multi-Output instrument channels in Logic Pro X 10.4.1/High Sierra?

Uncle Freddie

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In Logic Pro X 10.4.1/High Sierra, has anyone seen the following behavior with Input menu text for Multi-Output instruments?


For instruments where I am using Multi-Output functionality, the Mixer shows truncated names for the Input.

I did not have this issue with Logic 10.3.3/El Capitan.


In Screenshot 1, the entries in the Input cascading menu should read "TR-909 3-4", "TR-909 11-12" etc. But instead they read "TR-93-4", "TR11-12", etc.


In Screenshot 2, the entries in the Input cascading menu should read "Kontakt 5 3-4", "Kontakt 5 11-12" etc. But instead they read "Kont3-4", "Ko11-12", etc.


Screenshots 3 and 4 show the same project on my Logic 10.3.3/El Capitan system. Notice the names of the Inputs appear fully: "TR-909 3-4", "TR-909 11-12", "Kontakt 5 3-4", "Kontakt 5 11-12", etc.


It doesn't matter what variant of Multi-Output you choose -- 16xStereo, 16xMono, etc. -- you get truncated Input menu text regardless.


All of the Input menu text names are truncated to exactly 7 characters, which may be a clue.

FWIW, this is all happening on a freshly reformatted spare Mac, with entirely clean and licensed installs of High Sierra 10.13.4, Logic Pro X 10.4.1, Kontakt 5, and Roland Cloud instruments.

I know this forum isn't the "Provide Logic Pro Feedback" place, but I just want to know if anyone else is having this issue before submitting a bug report to Apple.





Screenshot 4


Screenshot 3


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 1

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Still investigating this issue... to prove that third-party plugins are not at fault, I am able to reproduce this bug with Logic's own UltraBeat and EXS plugins when using the Multi-Output versions.


Attached are 4 more screenshots.


Screenshot exs_names_truncated_10_4_1.png shows the bug in Logic 10.4.1 with EXS.


Screenshot ultrabeat_names_truncated_10_4_1.png shows the bug in Logic 10.4.1 with UltraBeat.


Screenshot exs_names_10_3_3.png shows NO bug in Logic 10.3.3 with EXS.


Screenshot ultrabeat_names_10_3_3.png shows NO bug in Logic 10.3.3 with UltraBeat.


Am I the only one seeing this issue?









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