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Producer Kit Question


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Hey guys,


Sorry I'm flooding the board with many questions but I've been hitting a few roadblocks/oddities that I really want to get sorted out. I was hoping someone could help me understand a weird thing I noticed about producer kits.


In my session, I'm using a producer and the only tracks from the kit I want to user are the kick in, the snare top and the snare bottom. I have a separate loop for the HH's. Therefore, I open the producer kit, and on the parent track of the track stack, I program the kick and snare hits to where I want them to be. In the track stack, I got to my Kick In and remove the room, overheads, and leak because all I want is the kick-in sample and none of the bells and whistles like that. After doing that I remove all of the other pieces of the kit except for the Kick In, Snare top and Bottom and Overhead track. I'm pretty sure if I get rid of the overhead track, it deletes the kit selections even though I'm not utilizing overheads on my kick in or either snare. What's weird is after I delete all of the other tracks, my kick in sample plays through by the kick in track AND the overhead track. To clarify, the overhead track isn't playing what it would play if I turned on the overheads. It's playing a variation of the kick in that's thickening it up a bit. Now, I actually really like the sound and I'm opting to keep it in my mix, but I want to understand why it's doing this. Does anyone have any input? To summarize:


Open Producer Kit > Program Kick and Snare Loop > Remove Overheads, Room and Leak from Kick In sample, Remove all tracks from the track stack except Overheads, Kick in, Snare top and Snare Bottom > Kick in now plays through Overhead and Kick in tracks simultaneously.



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Thanks David. Yea I found that that worked if I wanted it to, but my question was more why is it still showing in the overhead track. Should it based on my steps to reproduce? I can't seem to get the same thing to happen with any other track except the kick in. I just want to understand it better so I can be more in control of my mixing and not relying on potential bugs that may disappear in future updates.
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The overhead track is your instrument track. Then Auxes are use for the individual outputs used for individual kit pieces. If you delete the instrument track, you no longer have anything producing any sound.


When you delete an Aux the sound that should be routed to that output is re-routed to the overhead track. My guess is you're hearing the kick out on the overhead track.

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