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Splitting logic pro samples


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Hi. I Recently switched to an imac from a mbp. In this computer i have 3 ssds... they are not high capacity, 120gig i think. 2 work at a 6g transfer rate with the motherboard, one works at 3g..... i have installed the os on the slower one(and thus Logic) for now.... the other two are in software raid 0, for speed(all backed up via timemachine)

The question is what is the best way to split up the load here... should i keep logic/samples/ os on the slower ssd? Or would it be better to place logic/samples/os on the raid0 drives, and use the slow one to store the projects.....

Or best to seperate the raid0 drives, place os/logic on one; smaples on another and the 3rd for projects(what would be on the slower drive?)..

I think the total logic info is close to 80 gigs now so trying to optimize speed/performance as well as storage capacity

Seems to be a lot of conflicting information about the most effective way to do this, so thanks for any help.

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