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Logic Pro X 10.4.1 session not responding


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Hi There,


I am having trouble with one of my Logic Pro X sessions. Upon re-opening the session, the surfball appears, and force quit is the only option. I have already tried creating a new session, then loading the old one, without success. The only way to access the information seems to create a new session, then import session data. However, the new session does not run stable after importing, and the surfball appears too. Over 4 years of almost daily use, this is the only session I am having lasting trouble with. Any advice would be much appreciated. Here are a few details on my session and system:



- OSX 10.12.6

- Logic Pro X 10.4.1

- My computer contains only licensed software.


Session contains

- Video with extracted audio track, starting at bar 1

- Multi timbral Kontakt 5, Omnisphere 2, Falcon 1.5.1 instances, with Auxes functioning as MIDI tracks and audio return channels.

- Stereo out with Ozone 7 and iZotope Insight


Importing session data

- I needed to manually drag the video into the new session before importing session data. Otherwise, all imported data would appear on negative bar numbers.


I was able to secure one crash log (attached), which I think is related.

Haberlin_Andreas_Logic Pro X_Error_05182018.pdf

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- I have also set up proper multi instruments (over environment), then copied my saved multis from Kontakt 5, Falcon and Omnisphere 2 into the project. Everything worked fine.

- When importing the MIDI content into the session (this time on external MIDI tracks, linked to the multis), everything started crashing again, the same way as before.

- Also, here's another crashlog attached. The crash resulted from trying to import MIDI stems from the corrupted session into an ok running session.


I think the issue is MIDI related. Does anybody have any ideas on this one?

Haberlin_Andreas_Logic Pro X_Error_05192018.pdf

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