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Sidechaining to make kicks more audible- which way?

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Hi everyone, a fairly newbie question here regarding a bass line, and using sidechaining to make the kick pop out more in the mix.


Should I do it this way- Assign the kick drum to a bus(say 5), put a compressor on my bass line synth, and set the side chain to bus 5- this is the way I was doing it for a while, but read a different way tonight, and am unsure which is the usual way to go.


The other way I read is to Still send the kick drum to a bus, lets still say bus 5, then on the bass channel strip add a noise gate. Pick bus 4 on the noise gate as the input, and adjust the threshold.


To me it seems this would do the opposite, and make the bass play louder when the kick drum hits, and not compress the bass line to allow the kick to pop through.


I think I may be getting techniques confused here, so if someone could clear it up for me that would be great.

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