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Audio track shifted on other Mac


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Hi there!


I have a weird problem - when opening a Logic project on another Mac, the audio tracks are slightly shifted to the right, which means that everything is out of sync with midi and drum tracks. Specifically my friend has Mac with Logic Pro X at his house and I have a Mac with with Logic Pro X at my house, both with the same version of macOS and Logic (Sierra 10.12.6 and Logic Pro X 10.4.1). Whenever we record something, at either his house or mine and share the project via Google Drive, whenever we open it on the other end, the project is out of sync. Midi and Drum tracks seems to stay put, but the audio tracks get shifted out of sync. We can moved them manually and things will be in sync on that machine, but if saved and opened on the other machine, the project is shifted there.

It makes it very difficult to collaborate between machines.


And the shift is visual as well, the first "notes" of the wave-form is not in sync with the first "notes" in the midi or drum-tracks, but they are in time on the other machine.


Do you guys have any idea what's going on?

Is Google Drive ruining the projects?

Is it some weird setting?


Thanks in advance!

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