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how to get rid of notification about MIDI interface that no longer exists

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I used to have a MIDI instrument that I am no longer using in my template.

All the projects that had been created while using that instrument now open giving the notification:


Instrument "TR-8" sends to a MIDI port named "TR-8" of MIDI interface "TR-8" which no longer exists.

Please check if all MIDI interfaces are connected and switched on; otherwise adjust the instrument's MIDI out port setting.


I understand that I need to delete that instument but I am not sure how to do it.

I deleted the corresponding MIDI tracks in the MIDI environment but still the message pops-up every time.

The instrument still shows as registered as an option under MIDI instr. in the routing option of the MIDI channels in the MIDI environment.

Could that be the problem? Any ideas how to resolve this?



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On a similar note - How do I avoid the same alerts when MIDI interfaces change due to using a project in different locations ? MIDI Instruments with defined ports stop working but will work again back in the original location. However, External Instruments stop working, clear their port settings and will not work again even when connected to their original interface later, until they're re-set manually every time.


Is there a way to utilize the hitherto superfluous Audio-MIDI-Setup software ? So Logic speaks to "Whichever MIDI Port 1 is accessible" and AMS then connects this stream to the actual hardware without making a big fuss ? I briefly tried this but couldn't get it to work.



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