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Referencing bass with just headphones

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Before I start: I know I know, never use just your cans for mixing and mastering, but I need to in this case as I'll be away from my monitors for a while.


I'm currently using Sennheiser HD600's and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's to try and mix with but find that the bass is lacking on the HD600's and the DT770 Pro's don't really help much with that either, I find them a bit 'muddy' to try and work with these days and my mixes sound pretty rubbish when they're translated.


Are there any (preferably closed) headphones that are good at representing bass that I should get hold of to try and polyfill this gap while I'm on the move? Are any of the AKG's out there any good? In terms of budget, I'm not looking for anything cheapo, I'm happy to invest if they'll last me for a while and cover my needs.


Thanks for any tips.

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