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The "splitting" concept doesn't seem to apply in the same way for Automation, but you can add a split point by setting the pointer tool to Pencil, and setting a new point where you'd like the automation to become split. You could also set two points right next to each other so the right side acts independently from the left.



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Hi Eric, thanks for asking. I meant, just the split or cut the Automation track without splitting track by the left and right locators. I know very well, with the pointer tool you can do all of these. But the problem is, whole Automation track remains unedited except you copy and paste to the other places: And it is only edited while using some other Tools e.g. Pointer, Automation etc. than you can copied or repeated etc.

That was my question.? Because each time I'm working on the Automation edit, I have these edits to do, copy and paste. Instead of giving left and right locators boundaries and just cut them, and re use them where I want it. As you know if you delete an Automation accidentally, it will also delete the track. Thats what I meant, separate them as a stand alone etc..

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