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loading samples and projects from external ssd

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Hello everyone,

it's my first post but i've been lurking around for quite a while now and got a lot of answers here.

so my question is;


i am thinking about moving all the samples (kontakt,battery, one shots, loops and everything else) on an external usb 3.0 ssd hard drive together with my actual logic projects in the same drive in order to be able to run my logic projects on two different computers (studio computer + my macbook pro) without any hassle. (no missing 3rd party samples like kicks or hihats in battery lol - my samples folder is not very tidy)


assuming the same plugins are installed on both computers, would there be any downside or any problem with loading the logic projects (including samples) from the external drive ?


thanks in advance,


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Well, it would help if you put your system specs in your signature, so we don't have to guess what you have.

Again, I don't know if an SSD warrants the money you pay for when you have USB 3 only.


I would get a 5TB Toshiba X300 and put in an OWC enclosure that runs on eSata or USB 3 and use that.

Because you know that your sample collection is gonna get bigger.



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