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Script to Randomize Drum Beats


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Hi All,


I saw a Brian Eno video ...



... in which he's scripted a MIDI plug-in inside Logic Pro X that gives him random Drumbeats.


Well, as noobie in LOGIC (and DAWs) I have to say that I don't have any idea how Scripts works. I'm quite sure that most part of you will understand what he doing much better than me.


My interest is to understand how Script works and if you have any suggestion (sites, tutorials or whatever) to learn how to make it. My goal is exactly the same. The possibility to have like an "Independent Drummer"(through random variations).


Any thoughts?


Thanks All,

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This is a video of some chaps efforts to do the same. He's done a pretty good job too. There are links to his scripts on github in the description.




This guy demonstrates useful things as well




You will need to learn javascript. From a programming perspective is isn't that difficult, but if you have no experience of programming you could find it anywhere from a mindboggling nightmare to surprisingly simple.


This page looks like a good place to start from.




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Really thanks. I'm for sure interested in take a look at... if I'll go ahead or not, I'm not sure. LOL. I'm learning a lot of stuffs so it could be easy to add one more thing or complicated to deal with time... I have to check it.


Thanks for the links... I'll take a look deeply during this week!

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