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Updating while keeping current version?


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I am admittedly a slow adopter, I do not jump on a new dot-release as soon as it becomes available. In fact, unless there is a new feature I need or really really want I will often wait many sub-versions before taking the plunge.


Right now I'm still using 10.3.2 (and this was the first version of 10.3 I ever installed).


In the past I would make a copy of and rename my active Logic app, so I would still have access to the previous version if I didn't like the new one or if it introduced showstopper bugs, or if I needed to open a previous version project but didn't want to update it to the newer version.


Never had a problem with this in the past, the preference files were still compatible across versions, etc. and I could launch either version without problem. (Projects created or upgraded to the newer format wouldn't always open in the older, I'm talking about preference and similar files that would end up being shared by both.)


Does anyone know if that is still the case? I'm thinking I've waited long enough (please correct me if I'm wrong), but I'll like to again hold on to my 10.3.2 app in addition to 10.4.x.


Thanks in advance!

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