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Clicks with EXS24, not from buffer.


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Hi everyone, I've got a little problem with the EXS24, specifically when I chop up my own melodies into samples.


Say I kept the whole melody as one sample assigned to one key, no problem. But when I cut my own audio so I can choose individual notes/points as samples, when I play them, or record them and play them back, there is a quiet, but noticeable kind of 'click' sound.


This is not to do with my buffer or sample rate by the looks fo things- my Mac is new and plenty of power, and even if i change it too 1024 samples it is there.


Here is an example, it is from around 36 seconds for 8 bars , you can hear it at the beginning as a very quiet click as I trigger the sample



I have messed around with the attack, and it doesn't seem to help, so any ideas would be much appreciated.

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