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What is the audio folder, with parts of samples?


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Hi everyone, this may be a really newbie question, but I want to know if I need to keep it or can delete it.


On my desktop, there are some folders for logic. One of these is Audio. I checked the folder, and found multiple files with the same name, that end in .bip followed by a letter.


I can play these in iTunes, and they seem to be parts of a EXS 24 I have used- specifically each key assigned to my samples. For instance, a track I have made is 2 minutes and 27 seconds long. All of these files are this length, but lots of it is silence, only playing sometimes. I guess this is the point the are triggered in the song in Logic.


This is only one songs folder (new Mac, first song I have made) and is around 180MB.


Can I delete these files, or do I need to keep them for my song to still work in Logic? Also, should I keep it where it is so logic can find it, or can I move it?


Thanks, Conan.

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