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The audio file was not found in its expected location-arrrghh!


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I'm having a bit of trouble every now and then with logic, specifically my vocals.


Usually when I load a track, things are fine, but sometimes the error message "The audio file was not found" is shown, and I click search and it comes up with nothing.


I was wondering how I can choose a folder for things to save, so I won't get this error message. It always seems to be the best takes that go missing too- not the ones that are just OK, but the most emotional, good ones.


It's really annoying, as I am loving making my own music and using logic so far on my new computer.

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As soon as you do something in a new project - MIDI, audio recording or just setting up however many tracks you need and doing some basic stuff to make it ready- do a ‘Save As’ and keep all your projects in one place (better on another drive really). From then on you can just keep hitting ‘Save’ and whatever you do will be included in your project folder. If you’re not sure if all the audio files are included in the Project>Audio folder then use the Project>Consolidate function, you can choose whether to copy or move files from another location.

Provided you keep all the resources needed by any project in the Project file, you can move the project wherever you want - Logic looks for them in the currently accessed folder first.

There is a ‘best practice’ idea involved, I suppose but it can save you a bit of head scratching.

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Ok, thank you for the explanation.

I already have been doing the 'save as' thing, and saving often, but still occasionally getting this error.

Maybe I am not saving them in the 'project audio' folder somehow?


Does a new folder get made for every new project, or are the files all kept in one single, huge folder? Sorry for the really basic questions, I sustained brain damage a few years ago and things that seem really simple to others can get me very confused. I'm having lots of fun with my music now though, and really wish to continue- just losing my takes is quite annoying.

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When you first save a project, Logic creates a project folder and other folders within that folder for Audio files, Bounces, Freeze files and so on, depending on your selections in the Save dialog window. So, providing you start out like that, any audio you record should have the appropriate files in the Audio files folder in the project folder.

One problem that can arise is when you drag an audio file into the arrangement and Logic keeps the reference to that file in its original location. That's when you need to do the Project>Consolidate action to copy into the Project Audio folder. Its a good idea to keep a check now and then by looking in the Project list on the right hand side (where Apple Loops are found). If you select any file, it shows the path at the top of the window, just beneath the local menu (Audio File/Edit/View). The sensible thing to do is keep all your Logic project folders in one specific folder or on another drive, if possible, then you always know where they are. You can easily check for audio takes by looking in the actual Audio files folder if you like, rather than the browser, whichever way you choose. Anyway, it seems like you need to keep a check on your procedures - providing you follow the right way, you really shouldn't lose any of your audio.

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