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Locating Missing Plug-ins in a Project


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In some projects I used to use plug-ins called Kontakt Player and SoundFontS which are no longer supported. Now, every time I load these projects I get a dialog box saying 'The plug-in named Kontaktplay/SoundFontS isn't available on your system' and saying to replace it or update it. But the problem is I can't find where from within the project those plug-ins are being called.


I know where to look for Audio preferences and I can also find KontaktPlayer (but not SoundFontS) in Plug-in manager, but it doesn't show where in the project it is being used so I can delete the links to them.


Any tips appreciated.

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I have noticed the exclamation mark icon on some tracks, over the Instrument button, where the KontaktPlayer instrument was used, and in those cases have been able to overwrite it. But in some of them, there's no exclamation mark, and no visible sign of where it is linked. Maybe it's just a ghost!
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If you've been using SoundFont files, maybe they were imported into the EXS24 ? In that case, the EXS24 will load, but probably with the default sine sound if the SF files aren't found - in other words, the instrument won't show with the exclamation mark. Its a possibility anyway.
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