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Overriding Embedded Tempo with Flex Time


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I have vocals recorded into a song that had a lot of rubato. It was beat mapped prior to recording, and it was sung to tempo. Now, after the fact, I realize that the tempo information has been embedded into the audio.


When I delete the audio file's tempo information, the track sync is lost.


When I cursor over the blue tempo lines as an alternative to flex time, I get the "tee" cursor, but the tempo lines do not move.


Here's what I'm trying to do -- a pretty simple operation, it would seem: below, you see two flex time markers. It is my intent to drag the right marker to the left, that the phrase between the two flex markers may be sung more quickly.


The tempo mark stops the process from affecting the phrase. Only the audio portion between the right flex marker and the nearest tempo mark to the left is adjusted.




It would seem that I need to either A. override the tempo mark. I don't know how.


Or B. Delete individual tempo marks (and I don't know how).


I have read that one many move tempo information just like a flex marker. I am skeptical. In any case, as mentioned, I can't move them.


C. Perhaps I can only cut the phrase, create an individual audio file out of it, delete that tempo information, and I'd side-step the loss of sync as the region itself would be brief.


I worked with Flex Time years ago. I don't recall these issues. But Logic's tempo operations have changed since then.



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I just spent twelve minutes trying to recreate the loss of sync, and I can't. Indeed, an audio file recorded on a pre-existing beat map should not change when the tempo information in that file is deleted. It did, but it's not now.


"Control-click the tempo marker and choose delete flex marker."


Wonderful. It's unusual because A. there is no indication that the tempo mark is selected and B. the command is "deleting flex marker," and it really isn't a flex marker per se. But it works. Thank you, David.

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