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Seemingly "frozen" effects on aux sends and buses.


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I am mixing/mastering a song and i've got everything at good levels, and i'm now on to adding time-based effects (reverb) etc, via routing track signals to aux sends. So, i'm seeing this on aux sends, but in further testing, i'm also seeing this in buses as well. I have several tracks where i am unable to change the parameters of the time-based plugin that i've put on the aux send channel. For example, on one of my aux sends, i've got a reverb there, and i want to make it 100% 'wet', but the plugin will not allow me to change anything. And, i see this on other tracks as well, but NOT all of them. In some tracks, i can in fact, alter parameters, but there are at least several where i can't. I've tried creating a 'dummy send' or 'dummy bus' and adding the effect in question to it, but same issue. And, it doesn't seem to matter whether it's an Apple stock plugin or a 3rd-party plugin either.


My first thought was "Oh, these tracks are FROZEN somehow", but i've verified that none of the source tracks themselves are frozen (which shouldn't matter even if they are, correct?) And, i don't believe that you can 'freeze' aux sends or buses, is that correct? In short, i see no reason that i can't add a reverb to my aux send and modify it's parameters as i need.


Has anybody encountered this or have any ideas on why i am not able to change parameters of plugins in aux send or bus tracks?


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Yes, that totally sounds like what i am experiencing. I DID have some tracks frozen at one point and i did copy some of those effects around from tracks to sends. What is SO odd about it is ok, so maybe that's a bug, but then if i create a brand new aux send and add the effect to that, why would the behavior continue on a send (and related effects) that is new to the project?


Thanks for alerting me to this David, i will have to make a note of this. Any sort of workaround that you know of right now?



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Ugh. Your 'frownie face' emoticon says it all. I basically need to start my project over as i see it. Create a new shell project, duplicate everything and start again. This little bug is MADDENING. I cannot believe that software like this that has been around as long as this has would have a absolutely project-ending, debilitating bug like this that would not be fixed immediately! :evil:


Thanks for confirming my suspicions David, some ugly, UGLY work lies ahead for me in my immediate future i'm afraid. Where can i report this bug to? I know it's been reported, but it won't hurt to report it again.



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