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Ultrabeat multi output- can't see drums all in mixer, just one channel

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Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with Ultrabeat.


I like being able to select Ultrabeat, and being able to press the arrow next to it so you can control each individual drum on the mixer separately.


EDIT: Like this 808- JyJobt6.png


The problem is, even when I select multi out, there is only one channel on the mixer, there isn't the arrow for me to press to see all the separate drums and adjust individually. I know there is a way to do this, as some of my tracks have the arrow next to the Ultrabeat, and I can control each drum individually on the mixer.


It would be a big help if someone could point me in the right direction. I was told to use multi out, but this isn't working, and would like to be able to do it on all my tracks. It only seems to load this way if I choose a kit through the library using the left hand side of logic, and not if I choose a kit through Ultrabeat. T


EDIT: I've looked, and realised the one where I can press the arrow is actually 'drum kit designer'. Is there no way to do this in Ultrabeat?

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That Arrow is to disclose Track Stacks, not Multi Output instruments; although you can then put the outputs into a Track Stack be able to hide them.


Try this:


  1. Create aa new Software Instrument track.
  2. Insert a multi Output version of an instrument.
  3. Click the little + button in the Mixer to create the amount of addition output returns.
  4. Shift select the Instrument channel strip and its output returns then choose Options > Create Track Stacks for Selected Channel Strips.


Now you should be able to hide and reveal them at will.

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I might not have explained myself well enough, I meant so when I press the arrow, in the mixer it looks like this, see the "bout 808' expands in the mixer so I can control each drum individually? Sometimes this happens, other times I have to create multiple ultra beats to be able to control my drums. I would prefer just to use one like here and still have control FHX1uVA.png


I managed to create an output return like you said up to step 4, but am not sure how to assign say a kick, then a snare, to the individual channel like I showed in my image. Or can I only do this with certain kits?


I'm lost on step 4, sorry if it is a very basic question, could you explain exactly what buttons I press to do this? I find some simple things harder than most people, as I sustained brain damage a few years ago.


EDIT: I found a way but don't know if its right.I have to go in ultra beat, and say choose the kick and click where it says "sub" and choose a sub group, such as sub group 2 (3-4), and this puts it as "aux 1" . Is there a better way?

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Your screenshot is of a predefined Patch.

That Patch consists of the Instrument channel strip: named "Kick", and additional output returns: Snare, Hi Hats…


If you are starting from scratch you will have to name your channel strips in the Mixer, and assign the different Voices of Ultrabeat in the Plug-in itself by changing the output of the voices you want to reroute.


I'm lost on step 4, sorry if it is a very basic question, could you explain exactly what buttons I press to do this? I find some simple things harder than most people, as I sustained brain damage a few years ago.


Click the Instrument channel strip in the Mixer to select it, then Shift-click the last Aux (output return). This will select the range of the channel strips that you have created.

From the Mixer menu choose Options > Create Stack Tracks for Selected Channel Strips.


I hope that helps clearing thing out.

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Sorry, I can't figure out how to do it that way :(.


I've worked another way out, and it ends up looking like this in the mixer, I do it through ultra beat by clicking where it says "sub", and can choose an aux from there. It looks like this after I name the aux OoaTegc.png


Is this way OK, as it seems to work? I do it by choosing "sub group" for each drum in ultra beat, and creating a extra channel on the mixer with the + like you said. I'm unsure what the "last output return" you mention is in the way you explained.

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