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Crash during Bounce


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I get this error once in a while that is kind of surprising to me.

I'm wondering if others have this problem too.


Im working on a Project, all is fine. My Mac is doing fine, no drop outs of crashes (buffer Size 128). With lower buffer sizes i started to have minimal errors.

Then i bounce the project in real time (since im using I/O for hardware) and then i get a crash close to the end of the song.

Its strange to me that while mixing i don't have a problem, but in a normal bounce (not doing anything on the side) i get a crash.


Anyone else encounter this sort of problem?

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Well its not a constant error. It just happens once every few bounces! The reason im concerned is if while im mixing i dont have any overload errors, i shouldnt have any while bouncing (realtime bounce, nothing going on in the background!).

Its hard to reproduce this error...

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ok cool! thanks for that info, i did not think of it (that a file is not being saved during mixdown).


Its not really a crash though, maybe this was missinformation on my side. Its a "system overload". as far as i know there is no log for that, but i will check next time!

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