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Moving Logic Pro X/Apple Library to External Hard drive


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Hello Everybody,


Recently, I attempted to move the Logic Pro X/Apple Loops/GarageBand Library to an external hard drive, in order to free up space on my MacBook Pro. I moved all subfolders in the Logic, Apple Loops, and GarageBand folders. I did this by using Symlinks (See the attached pictures). After I completed this process, everything seems to be working fine.


However, when I check my storage on the internal MacBook SSD, it still says that I have about 80GBs of Music Production stored on the internal SSD. Did I do anything wrong?


After moving the Library to an external hard drive, isn't the storage for Music Production space not supposed to be calculated into the overall storage capacity of the internal SSD?


Thank you Everybody for any input and guidance.







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Thank you David for such a quick response.


I deleted the entire main Logic, Apple Loops, and GarageBand folders from the internal SSD. Also, I have restarted the computer several times.


The attached screenshot shows both the internal SSD (left) and the external hard drive (right).


However, the only folder showing the "arrow" is the main Logic, Apple Loops, and GarageBand folders. For instance, in the screenshot, relating to the GarageBand, the subfolders do not show an arrow. Did I need to create symlinks with the subfolders as well?


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