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Why has my old Mac got lower latency?

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Hi everyone, I'm loving my new MBP, but just noticed something.


At 128 samples, 44.1KHZ, my new 15" MBP has around 11.2MS roundtrip latency, and 5MS output. This is a quad core i7.


My old, 2010 core 2 duo has 10.1MS roundtrip- so a 1.1MS less latency, and 4.9ms output. This is with the same interface, also at 128 Samples and 44.1KHZ.


Why does my much older, 13" MBP with a dual core processor have faster latency than my new MBP? It's not much, but I really would like my new one to be the same, or lower, not higher.


EDIT: I see I can adjust recording delay, should I do this? How many samples should I - for 11.2MS? Or do I not need to do this?

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Well, your information would point not to a hardware difference, but to OS difference - all audio processing is done by Mac OS X's coreaudio (with class compliant interfaces). El Capitans' coreaudio apparently has a lower latency. 1.1 ms at 44.1 kHz comes down to 49 fewer samples.

I have a lot of audio glitches in El Capitan, with three different interfaces, and without Logic even running. I hope they have improved coreaudio in 10.13 compared to 10.11. The apparent bigger buffer does seem to point in that direction.

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