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Darude - Kaleidoscope


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My latest release 'Kaleidoscope', an emotional instrumental trancer with a big breakdown and a beautiful lead melody, is out now on Choon!


Here's a good bit of random mumblings and some production stuff of the track live on Twitch streams:

part 1

part 2


...and attached are a couple of screengrabs of the project. Dunno if the picture sizes are fantastic for the forum, so my apologies if they show up too big or too small!


Kaleidoscope arrangement


Kaleidoscope mixer


Kaleidoscope Lead 2 channel


Kaleidoscope FX build up 2 reverb wash

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Thanks David!


Yeah, I haven't streamed much lately, been too busy to get much production stuff done, and the stuff I have done I haven't been able to share live, as some stuff needs to be surprise for legal and/or promo plan reasons. I have tens of hours of various production, DJing, gear talk and synth sampling videos there from the last 2-3 years, though. I really like the effect of knowing I'm live on air and anyone can see me f*%@ up and comment on it, and also the positive comments. It's daunting first, but you get used to it and it kind of keeps you in check in many ways, as you can't mess around with unnecessary stuff like social media while you have people watching over your shoulder! :D www.twitch.tv/darude is my channel there. I've done FB streams as well, but the demographic is completely different as Twitch people are used to following gaming and these days 'creative' streams for hours and know not much might happen quickly, and FB people want instant gratification, like a 3 minute ready made hit record (obviously this is a gross oversimplification, but it's not far from the truth) and it's fun to stream to both crowds and see what they think.

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