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Mix isn't loud enough


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That's a tough question... the answer is always a tough one as well: practice your mixing skills. If you are just mixing, that's the suggestion. If you are producing and mixing, then some production decisions also affect how the mix will sound in the end. Always think that everything starts in the beginning of the process (yes, it sounds like a Guru type of answer lol but it's how it is). If you are recording a song with a band, for example, it all starts with the song itself, the arrangement. Then when you record, the room, the instruments, the musicians, the microphones. Then the DAW (or tape). If you use any hardware like compressors, EQ to track each instrument. All those things will really change the mix, even before you start moving volume faders, applying extra compression, EQ, etc.

I know it doesn't really help much, this answer, but there are so many things to pay attention to, that I would have to have access to the project and see what's not working and/or is stealing headroom.

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