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Second Drummer Track silent?


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In the project I'm working on I added a second drummer track to add some stuff. It was working great. And then the 2nd drummer track stopped playing. No output. When i changed the style and "drummer", sometimes twice, it started working again. And then after a while it turned stone silent again. To do a mixdown I have to perform these voodoo steps every time. Is there a one drummer limit per project? Do they argue like real drummers, Kyle hates Zak, and one of them dies ? Is there an easier fix?
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Thanks, David. We can always count on you. No, it does not respond to a MIDI keyboard after it dies. I've deleted the track and rebuilt it. I've exported the MIDI and it's silent then too.

Finally what is emerging is that IF the 1st drummer track uses the Drum machine AND the 2nd drummer track uses the Drum kit, after a play or two the 2nd track goes silent. If they both use the same type device, it's fine. I'll try to provide reproducible specifics, but it does not happen in e.g. logic 10.2.4 on my office Yosemite machine.

Still looking. Can't reproduce yet.

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