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Realtime monitoring CPU distribution


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Hey everyone ... Logic 9 user hoping to finally make the switch but thought I'd see if anyone knows more about the capability of Logic X to process audio efficiently when running as a slave.


I've been using Logic 9 to playback video (slaved to MTC) and monitor and record a mix/stems (running reverbs and some compression) successfully for a long time, and each time I've tried out Logic X it has a lot of CPU spikes and cracks and pops (all plugins in use being compatible and upgraded), which I have attributed to poor CPU distribution while being slaved. But I haven't tried it out in over a year and am curious if the audio processing capabilities have been improved.


Does Logic X distribute among the cores equally when monitoring live (and being a MTC slave) like it does during normal playback?


I know a lot of people use PTHD in this manner and I've been taking the cheaper route for a long time with logic 9 -- hoping to continue to do so with X.


I have a 2.93 Ghz 8-core 4,1 Mac Pro

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