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Un-beaming longer notes in score


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I sometimes write guitar scores in Logic. There will often be bass parts played by the thumb which are independent of the higher parts, with longer notes going on under the higher melodies.


But in Logic, if I have a half note or a whole note sitting under a series of 8th notes in the melody, Logic insists on beaming that longer note together with the higher ones, and even though the low note's duration is 2 or 4 beats, it looks like it's just an 8th note.


How to I get Logic to decouple the lower notes from the higher ones in the score representation, and show the longer notes as their actual length??

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You need to use a polyphonic staff style ( one which assigns a midi channel to each unique voice).


make a duplicate of the staff style you are using

add another voice to that style ( click the + button) next to voice

set one voice to channel 1

set the other one to another channel - I will pick 2


Assign that thumb note to channel 2 - it will change/display as a half note -

the concept is each channel is rhythmically independent of the other one. When you have them on the same channel - logic interprets that as a chord - hence you can't extend the note


as an example - the top C is channel 1 and the F# is channel 2. If all were just channel 1 - the F# would display as a eight note.

plus you can invert the stem of one voice and not the other, etc etc.....




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