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Drum Kit Designer Snare peaks are inconsistent

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I have a question regarding the peaks of my snare I'm using in my Logic Session. They are very inconsistent when I'm monitoring them, especially between the track itself and the master bus. When I look at my limiter, it is completely driving the amount of limiting I am doing on the entire track. Compression doesn't seem to help - I'm using a CLA-76 compressor and it still kind of seems like its all over the place and I took all processing off of it and I see the sample itself has varying ranges of peaks. For reference, My limiter is getting attenuation from the snare anywhere from 0 to 4dbs and its never consistent. Meaning, I can repeat a section with 4 snare hits and sometimes the attenuation happens on the second snare and sometimes the third, sometimes the first, sometimes the fourth. I'm using logics drum kit designer unmixed producer kit and I'm only utilizing the top snare mic. I set the bottom snare to no output. Any help here would be greatly appreciated in how I can at least understand why this is so I can take active steps to control it.
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