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Bus Monitoring Problem in Logic X! Need Help!


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I am a long time Logic 9 user converting to Logic X. All vocal tracks in my project template are routed to buses. Plug-ins are applied on the buses. Experiencing the following problem when trying to record vocals and monitor myself:


When the vocal track is armed, I see a level on the track from the mic and interface, but not on the bus the track sends to; neither do I hear a monitor of the vocals in my headphones. If I record, the vocals are captured, and I can play them back. At that point, I see a level on the bus and hear the applied plug-ins. However, I cannot hear any audio or see a level on the bus when the track is ARMED or RECORDING.


This was not an issue in Logic 9. I am stumped as to how to resolve. Please help. Thank you.

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I hope you do not mind me joining this post, I have the same issue.

In my case however having the suggested options selected makes no difference ; I can monitor the input of my instrument until the moment I hit play and then I hear nothing which is useless if I want to play alongside another track or rehearse alongside the click track before committing to a record. input monitoring is selected on the track and it is record enabled.




what am I leaving out please ?

Thanks in advance

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