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Ghosting Sounds in Audio Recording


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Hi All,

I have put down Midi tracks and want to record audio. I plug my guitar straight into my mixing desk line out into my laptop logic pro x

Sure enough i adjust the level start record, with the rest of my pre recorded music in the background so i can follow record my guitar and listen

I now mute all the other i instruments and liaten to my guitar part.

BUT!!!!!,,,,in my recording in the background is all the Midi tracks,,,,agh!!!!!!

Help please its doing my head in


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Hi Dave,

I'm using an Alesis multimix 8, i have had another bash at it tonight no luck. i thought it might have been when i choose a new track and select input 1 and input 2, but to be honest i havent got a clue. i might try factory reset. it does but get better when the stereo output isnt used but i get so confused ha ha

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