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Mapped drum query using channel 10 of multi instrument


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I’m creating a big band template in Logic Pro X .

My set up is entirely based on a midi set up with note input using Notation. Playback is via midi using a single output port on a MidiSport 2 x4 midi interface connected to a Ketron SD2 sound module with the output from that into a mini hi fi unit.

I have created a drum track which is allocated in sub channel 10 of the multi instrument.

The drum track inspector shows the midi channel as 10. The problem is that I cannot find a way to open the Mapped instrument Window.

When I click on 10 in the multi instrument it open the general midi list of sounds even though the box at the bottom of that dialog headed use mapped drum sounds is ticked

I then click the drum icon in the track header and this also opens the general midi list of sounds

The staff style displays correctly in the score editor drum region and is populated correctly. On playback the sounds are correct.


The only problem is I simply cannot access the Mapped instrument Window with this set up which I need to do for detailed editing of the master layout


I guess the question is whether it is possible to create a mapped drum from within the multi instrument in the environment window


Any guidance on this set up would be appreciated

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To use a mapped instrument, you have to first create a mapped instrument in the environment (New > Mapped Instrument), cable it into whatever instrument you want, and assign it to a track (for example by drag and dropping it from the environment onto a track header in the Tracks area).


You can then double-click the mapped instrument in the Environment to open its interface.

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