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Logic catching sounds from non-preferences midi instrument

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I need my things to work like this:


Ableton - Akai Mpc Mini

Logic - Korg Nanokey2


However, when I plug in my instruments, Akai, of course, syncs with Ableton, but Logic syncs with both Akai and Korg.


You may say, girl, check your preferences!


I did, but in Logic preferences the only visible instrument is Korg.


But Logic takes the sound from both, which, of course, is not what I want.


Any ideas, please?


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Open the environment, go to the Click and Ports layer, create a monitor object, cable the AKAI triangle from the Physical Input object into the monitor. Logic will no longer respond to the AKAI. Unfortunately you'll have to recreate that cabling for each new Logic project, or create that cabling in a template and then start your new projects from that template.
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Thank you for your response. I get what you are talking about.


OK, I got here, but what modes should I choose to draw cables?


When I click on triangles nothing seems to happen and when I do right-click, there is only selecting cable origin and destination, which don't appear when I click on them.


Is my new monitor in the right place?


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There are no modes, just drag from a triangle to an object, then release, the cable will be created. I would drag that Monitor out of the way of that other cable just to not be confused with the routing. The idea is to route all MIDI data coming from the AKAI to that Monitor, where it dies and goes no further inside Logic.
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I really don't know why, but yesterday nothing seemed to work, but today it does. Sometimes it happens.


So, I got this system, now Logic doesn't respond to AKAI, that's great, but also when it gets the signal from Korg, it shows only some, well, internal volume? No sound is heard though.


I guess, the problem is different now...



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