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Logic Pro X Flex on Drums issues


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I've been flexing drum takes for months now. I've been through many different methods and found one that works best. Slicing for toms and Rhythmic for overheads. I group the tracks and edit together. I've had issues but figured them out for the most part. Except for a couple that seem to show up when they want, don't go away and there are no solutions online. Not even anyone asking about it. So I provided a screen shot of the issue that's happening lately. See those hard bars at the beginning? When they show up (I don't know how or why and they can not be deleted) they shift the whole track to the left. They really mess up everything. 1)What is that? 2) Why? . My settings don't change. They just appear sometimes. Also, you see those light grey bars that were formed automatically? I like them. They help a lot. But they were not showing up just now. All of sudden. boom. They're there. All my settings are always correct and where they need to be. So what are these mystery problems that have no solution or name? Where can I find an in-depth overview of all the different features of flex, including common issues, non common issues and solutions? All I find are basic tutorials used in a way no one ever would if they're not making Katy Perry rip off songs.


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