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popping sound when trying to combine takes


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I'm struggling with popping/click sounds in merging or trying to combine takes. I've looked it up all over and have already selected "edit with zero crossings" and it doesn't change it. For some reason it's not cross-fading the takes and I don't know what to do. I've also searched in the playback settings in preferences and tried adjust the "cross-fades bar for takes" and didn't do anything. It's really annoying and I hope to not have to do it manually..


Any suggestions?


Thank you very much!

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Hi David, Thanks for your reply!


I was hoping to avoid doing it manually, as I've got lots of tracks with takes to work with. It's something that just started happening actually. Before the takes flowed seamlessly between the highlighted segments. So I'm not sure what happened there..


Also, when I zoom in close (between 2 takes) the waves don't line up. As much as I move the highlight, they stay disconnected.


There's no popping/clicking on each of the takes. The recording level is to low to clip.



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Thank you Triplets!

When I flatten the folder, the takes end up like individual regions. Separate, not merged and without crossfades.

Also, I don't have any gaps between the takes.

That's odd, if you have crossfades for coming in your preferences, then when flattening you should see those crossfades.


Have you tried initializing your Logic preferences?

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Thank you David

I just tried initializing, then flattening with no difference. I then adjusted the crossfade option in preferences and set it to max. with no difference.

The only thing that's working is if I flatten it then add the crossfades manually.


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