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Changing A Project Title (Completely)


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So I initially called this project "Shy's Beat". Then, I changed it to "Affairs Riddim", but that Shy's Beat still shows at the top of the project window when it's open (see attachment)


I've run into this little annoyance quite a few times before, and I want to know how to permanently change a title so the previous one is eradicated.


Thanks :)


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You likely have a project alternative...

first make a backup copy of your project....

1/ Go to File->Manage Alternative->edit alternative

2/ Delete all the alternatives not highlighted ( keep the one that is.. that is the active one)

3/ Then when you only have one left - double click it - give it the name you want (retype the same name if you want that) - press the rename button ( not enter)


That should do it.



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