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Exporting DM1 Wavs to ESX24 Sampler

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Logic 10.4.1

macOS 10.13.5

M-Audio Oxygen 25 (IV)

Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface


Hello, I decided to blow £10 on the DM1 drum machine app. It's a nice app with good sound quality and an easy to use interface. The problem starts when I try to export the wavs of a certain kit. Yes, I can export a bunch of files with a separate wav file for each instrument, but when I try to import the wav files into ESX24 the workflow becomes very clumsy and error-prone unless I am missing an easy way to do this.


Has anyone successfully used the DM1 with Logic Pro with a reasonably streamlined workflow, and could they tell me how to do it? Thanks!

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Hi...I have Garageband, Mainstage3 and Reason Essentials and I was wondering, if anyone tried to convert the huge (50 GB) Mainstage3 library into NN-XT format. There are many great EXS24 instruments in Mainstage3 (Logic Pro X), this could be great way to get to lots of high-quality sounds. Pianos shipped with EXS24 are not bad, they are worth converting.


seo expert

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